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Deliveries 30th September 2011

Ohhhhh so thats another month gone, only 3 more left this year now 🙂

These goodies have come from the Zoflora Facebook page as I was a runner up in a recent competition

This is the Planet of the Apes goody bag that I won from Showcase Cinemas Facebook page, it’s got to be one of the best goody bags from a film I’ve received so far, now I just need to win a blackberry to go in that case!lol

Deliveries 29th September 2011

The nail file and bookmarks have come from the Gallagher Academy UK Facebook page

The Organic Surge has come as I was one of the winners of the competition on their Twitter feed on Friday

This is Dave’s party pack for the Rugby match on Saturday thanks to O2 🙂

Deliveries 28th September 2011 *UPDATED*

Another item has come from Anchor, 3 still to come, really hope one might be the elusive cake stand!lol

The issue of PMU is the first from the subscription I won last month 🙂

Dave also received a blu-ray but thats hidden now 😀 shhhhhh dont tell him 😉


The postman just came back with these goodies, more from the Anchor competition …. looks like I need to keep trying for that cake stand!lol

The books have come from a competition run by Mills & Boon on their Twitter page

Deliveries 27th September 2011

Sorry about the pic for todays post, all I received was a product for review but I thought the sticker on the box was interesting even though I cant show you what was in it 🙂

Deliveries 26th September 2011 *UPDATED 6/10*

I’ve received this as I’m a member of Vax Voice, I will be testing and reviewing it over the next couple of weeks and they let me keep it too! 😀


You can now read my review of this on my other blog here

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