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Wins in Pictures – September 2012

I love the look and feel of my “Wins in Pictures” page but I think it’s getting a bit long now so I’ve made the decision to change it into being a post I make each month with the pictures from the deliveries I receive all collated into one post for easier viewing.

Unlike the daily posts, which will continue, this will just be a page of photo’s. If you’d like to find out more about one or more of the pictures, then hover over them to get the date they relate to and you will be able to find out what the item is and where it has come from by looking at my deliveries post from that date.


Deliveries 29th September 2012

This is the cruise goody bag I won from Mail Travel on Twitter last week (3 lots of post-it’s & pens, a ruler, car air freshener, fridge magnet, Highlighter, water bottle, torch keyring, CD or DVD (not sure which yet!lol) and a bag to hold it all)

Deliveries 27th September 2012

Ohhh another 2 t-shirts from the daily Skittles competition on their Facebook page

The mini Bubbly bar of chocolate has come from the Cadbury Dairy Milk Facebook page

Deliveries 22nd & 24th September 2012


I won this very yummy smelling shower gel from the Original Source Facebook page


I won this cute (and very useful) Letts Notelett Diary from the daily competitions run by PickMeUp

Deliveries 21st September 2012

I won this pint glass from the Wychwood daily competition 🙂

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