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Deliveries 31st January 2015

31-01-2015I won this amazing ProCook knife set and block from a competition that they ran with Your Home magazine. It’s really great for me to have a good set of knives again and these feel really good so far, now to meal plan for the next week to use as many of them as possible! 😀

Deliveries 12th December 2014

12-12-2014I won these lovely baking moulds from Sainsbury’s Dare to share competition

Deliveries 1st December 2014

01-12-2014The Voucher is for a free Dr Oetker pizza Pollo Arrabiata

The book, Coming Home for Christmas, I won from AvonBooksUK on Twitter

The Christmas jumper I won via the Budweiser app

The Kettle and Window vac (and 2 other items which are now wrapped and waiting for Christmas) I purchased via Amazon’s black Friday Sale. I really enjoy this sale each year, I always attack it the same way and have an idea of the things I want to buy, a top price I’m prepared to pay for each of them and a total budget for everything that I want to buy. I did really well this year, I got both these items for less than I was prepared to pay for one of them and I’ve only spent 1/2 of my total budget with only 1 gift left to buy, now I just have to hope everything else I’ve ordered comes in time 😀

Deliveries 16th October 2014

16a-10-2014All these lovely goodies have come from Kents Kitchen’s Facebook page. They offered them to the first person to figure out what they were going to be cooking from looking at the pile of ingredients and I’m really looking forward to trying all these things out!

16b-10-2014The bag and Angel Slices I won a while ago from Mr Kipling on Twitter

The Glass was also won quite a while ago from the Hoegaarden website

The Formaline I won from Liz Love’s Blog

The Aloe Vera Gel Dave won from the Holland & Barrett Facebook page. I had moaned to him that I was never going to win one and that the app hated me so he went on his Facebook and tried, first time he did he won (yes I did swear!lol)

Deliveries 2nd October 2014

02-10-2014Sometimes when I see a prize I really hope I win it, not the big ones we all hope to win but the silly little ones. This moo-sical cow really does fall into this category, it has come as a surprise from the daily competition which was running on Asda’s website and now I cant wait to see Dave’s face when he opens the fridge tonight 😀

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