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Deliveries 28th March 2014

28-03-2014I won the very cute Hippo & Duck from Furniture Village on Twitter and the Book and Tea Towel were won from Doubleday Books UK also on Twitter 🙂

Deliveries 29th November 2011

The white package at the back and the 2 Kipling purses are the last bits of my Amazon Black Friday splurge, the package at the back is another bit of Dave’s Birthday gift!

The Anchor Tea Towel has come from their Daily competition and is a bit of a surprise as I was sure we’d had them all through now, Oh well, Tea Towels are always handy!

The Brut giftset has come from Beauty Bombshells Facebook page

Deliveries 8th November 2011

Another Tea towel and Cake tin from the Anchor competition, I still have 1 more outstanding and a few more days to hope for more till it ends for the cake stand, and if not a very kind friend has offered me a spare that she received which is so lovely of her, thanks 🙂

Deliveries 26th October 2011

The issue of Compers news is a free trial copy which I received through asking for one from their Facebook page

And yet another issue of PMU from the subscription I won earlier this year.

Another item from Anchor, another Tea towel …. still doesn’t look like I’ll get the cake stand now does it!lol

The My Waitrose thing is my new card and vouchers from them, will have to try and squeeze a visit in to them this weekend!

The last item is another trial product, Boots must love me at the moment, that’s 4 I’m doing for them at the moment!lol

Deliveries 28th September 2011 *UPDATED*

Another item has come from Anchor, 3 still to come, really hope one might be the elusive cake stand!lol

The issue of PMU is the first from the subscription I won last month 🙂

Dave also received a blu-ray but thats hidden now 😀 shhhhhh dont tell him 😉


The postman just came back with these goodies, more from the Anchor competition …. looks like I need to keep trying for that cake stand!lol

The books have come from a competition run by Mills & Boon on their Twitter page

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