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Diary of a First Time Buyer – Exchange, completion and after that!

Well hasn’t that been an exciting 2 months! I totally forgot to update here with everything that was happening and my brain has been almost totally mushed with all the things I needed to remember and decide about. For anyone who doesn’t follow me on Twitter (or who missed all the excitement!lol) we finally exchanged on our house on the 15th and completed on the 23rd of January.

It all came as a bit of a surprise and a mad rush. We knew almost everything was in place before Christmas, we were just waiting for 1 search to be returned and with how slowly the rest of our purchase had gone (check the dates on my other FTB posts!) we thought it still would take time this year when everything was finally in place and that’s why the surprise! We heard from our solicitors on the 13th suggesting an almost immediate exchange with completion on the 23rd and we jumped at the chance and other than the solicitor phoning to tell us to collect our keys before they were ready, it all went really smoothly for us.

So now we’re doing a long move in, we decided a while ago that we would not give notice on the house we currently live in until we actually had the keys to the new house in our hands. Even with all the penalties you can incur, some things can still go wrong after exchange and we really didn’t want to end up homeless!lol So, after giving notice we ended up with 5/6 weeks where we would have both houses, we decided that some of the older bits of furniture would need replacing and that we’d try to get them delivered before we moved in. This week we got the final delivery dates confirmed (please don’t let them change now!lol) and so have arranged the removals and clearance of this house so in about 2 weeks we will be moving properly in.

It’s been a very long journey for us, mostly because we were very picky over what we wanted and stuck it out when things slowed right down but looking at the parts we have completed so far over there, we both know it’s really been worth it, here, see for yourself, this is most of our dining room and the back of the kitchen

Dining RoomThere is also another bit of news, I’ve been spending a day or two each week over at the house unpacking boxes and generally sorting out the bits that we’ve moved across ourselves already. Well, last week when I was over there, I actually went out, on my own! That’s the first time in about 5 years. I didn’t go far, just to the end of the road and back but it’s a start and shows I can do it, I just need to keep reminding myself of that if (when) things get tough again in the future 😀

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