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30k tweet winner!

Thank you to everyone who entered my 30k tweets competition, here’s the entrants list and the randomly generated number which makes the winner  sassyele Congratulations!

Please get in touch with your address so I can post your prizes out to you (if you haven’t got my email address, ask me, you know where to find me!lol)

1. jenniwren12

2. cathy

3. Alison

4. Kate

5. Lynsey

6. Debbie

7. Nicky

8. Gemma

9. Tracey

10. Cher

11. Stephanie

12. Lorraine

13. sassyele

14. Danielle

15. Catherine G

16. Melvis

17. Catherine M

18. kohsamui14

19. Splodz

20. Jay

21 Keen Kate

22 Emma

30k tweet competition

WOW, I talk way too much dont I?lolI cant believe I’ve made all these tweets in such a short space of time, it’s been great fun though, thank you to everyone who has chatted to me.  I remember when I started on Twitter, it all seemed so strange and difficult to understand, I wasn’t sure if I was doing it right but thanks to those lovely people from the Inn on MSE I found my way. From those first few days of entering the Rogers coffee draws (remember them?) to now when I seem to be there most of the day. I know I block a lot of people on there but those who I talk to are friends as well as fellow compers and we talk to each other, not just C&P or RT each others tweets so anyone that just does that gets blocked as I dont see the point in letting you follow me, it doesn’t take much to say “Hi” or to have a quick chat. Oh and I really hate having people use the RT function on my tweets, I dont understand why you want to RT my tweets, other than the few comps on here, I dont run them so thats another way to get blocked by me!lol OK, ramble over, time for the comp (which is what you’re here for anyway, right?lol)

Well, I said I’d use my 30,oooth tweet to announce a new competition on here and so here it is 🙂

To Enter:

Just make a comment below by 5pm Wednesday the 9th June 2010. One comment per person please and tell me what your first wins were.

I find it really interesting to hear what people won first, especially when it was a while ago and they still remember. Give as much (or as little) detail as you want, for example here’s mine:

The very first thing I won was 4 cinema tickets, this was nearly 22 years ago now but I still remember it, it was at a school fete and I won them from the raffle, I was so excited and with friends went to see Crocodile Dunee II, yes I wished I’d gone to see a better film, but I was only 14 at the time!lol

Since I joined MSE though, my first win was a Pet Poets book and Calendar. I won them from Pick Me Up when they had the daily competitions on their website. I received the WEM on 14/11/07 and the Calendar is a 2008 one but I still have both that and the book, they’re what started me getting hooked on the wonderful new hobby of ours!

The winner will be drawn at random using a random number generator. The winner will be announced on here and the prize sent within 7 days of receipt of a delivery address. Should the winner fail to contact me within 7 days of being notified I shall again use a RNG to select a new winner with the original prize winner forfeiting their claim on the prize.

I’m guessing you’d all like a prize too so I decided on this:

The bag I received last week got me thinking, I really loved the Burt’s Bees set I won last year so I got Dave to pick me up another one (there’s some bits in this one I didn’t get in the one I had so he might have to get another for me as well now!lol) so the prizes are the ‘Save the Bees’ Bee Bag and a Burt’s Bees Head to Toe starter Kit

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