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Deliveries 28th November 2013

28-11-2013I had a lovely email 2 weeks ago telling me that I’d won A Year’s Supply Of Whitening Oral Care From UltraDEX Worth £186 from a competition that ran on the Woman’s Own Magazine Competitions site. It arrived today and comprises of 12 bottles of mouthwash and 12 tubes of toothpaste. I was really pleased to win this as I have been using the mouthwash for a few months already and it has really helped with my teeth so I cant wait to see what happens with using the matching toothpaste as well 😀

Also, I did say in my challenge to myself that I wanted to win a years supply of something so with a tiny bit of a cheat on one of the 13 I’ve completed my 13 Wishes for 2013 😀

Deliveries 27th November 2013

27-11-2013The orange Cheeky Shoes I won via a competition of the Tired Mummy of Two blog

The other bits are just some things I ordered from eBay since I keep losing the ones I had already

Deliveries 23rd November 2013

23-11-2013I won this cleanser from the Glamour daily giveaway

I also received a copy of Jody Picoult’s The Pact which I forgot to put in the picture, sorry!

Deliveries 16th November 2013

16-11-2013What a lovely surprise this was in the post, for anyone who can’t read the tiny writing, I received a £200 cheque from Thats Life! from one of the competitions in issue 43 Whoop!

The box under the letter contains another sharing bowl from the McCain’s wedges promotion

Deliveries 15th November 2013

15-11-2013I won these pods from the Ariel UK and Ireland Facebook page 😀

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