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Deliveries 28th April 2011

We got back from Sheffield this afternoon, I had a missed parcel which I’m pretty sure is my Band Hero set (it should come back Tuesday so I’ll know then!) but these are what I had waiting for me at home 🙂

The postcards are from everydaysale and the makeup has come with much thanks to New York Color on Twitter, it’s a lovely goody bag isn’t it 😀

Deliveries 21st April 2011

The mascara has come from the promotion on Revlon’s Facebook page and the Method goodies have come as a gift from their people against dirty campaign 😀

Deliveries 20th April 2011

The postmans just been

The Magix software has come from a competition with ComputerActive

The LiveView has come from a competition With Sony Ericsson UK on Facebook

Deliveries 19th April 2011

Oops, a bit late with this one but better late than never ….. right!lol

The book has come from The Official Celia Rees Fan Page over on Facebook.

The Innocent voucher has come from them, it was an easter card originally but they made a mistake and sent these out to replace those 🙂

Deliveries 18th April 2011

Today the postwoman with the van came…

All of these lovely & very yummy goodies have come from Soreen over on Twitter, I’ve never tried the banana bread variety so I’m quite curious about that one!

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