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Deliveries 23rd February 2013


The perfume I won from Marie Claire last month and it was the first thing I knocked off my 13 wishes challenge for this year

The Gourmet Garden goodies I won from GoodToKnow earlier this week, I cant wait to have some fun with these!

I also received a skin care trial product (not pictured) which I’m looking forward to trialling, it smells amazing!

Deliveries 21st February 2013


The box and the lipstick are product trials I’ve received today and the Capital Bonds voucher has come from Givaudan as I have completed 5 studies again.

The heart lollies I received for being in the top 100 on the freepostcodelottery‘s leaderboard

The shower gel I received from purchasing one last week and posting a photo of myself with it on their Facebook page

Deliveries 18th February 2013


This came as a very nice surprise this morning, the games have come from the Woman’s Weekly daily site and I had no idea that I’d won until they arrived!


This is the flashlight and ceramic mug that I won from the Sweet’N Low daily competition last month

Deliveries 16th February 2013


The little black box is the HDMI hub that we purchased from Amazon, it’s the same one we had before as it worked really well!

The Weetabix I won from their Twitter feed earlier this month, very handy as this is one of my favourite cereals 😀

Deliveries 15th February 2013


Yes, I know this picture looks familiar, I’ve been lazy!lol

Our WD media player fritzed this week and took out the HDMI Hub so we had to replace both (really hoping the hub will arrive tomorrow!) after looking at our options we decided to buy one of these Blu-ray players as it works as a media player and has the advantage of being a 3D Blu-ray player as well (and being comparably priced too!) Having tried out the one I won, we know it will do what we need it to. The only down side is it only has 1 USB but you can only watch one thing at a time anyway so it wasn’t a deal breaker 🙂

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