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Christmas/tweeting winner!

I thought I’d try something different this time and add a video of the winner selection, sorry it’s a bit out of focus but at least you can kinda make it out!lol

So Congratulations Nicky, thank you for getting back to me so fast, I’ll have your prizes in the post to you soon 😀

Merry Christmas! I think I tweet too much!

Well it’s that happy time of year yet again, I know it’s very stressful for some people but it was always a happy time when I was growing up and even though I’ve had some really horrible ones I still love the silly season and now sharing them with Dave and his family, each one is precious to me again and filled with times that will make for some very happy memories.

I love that they all understand about my comping and how it means they each get better gifts than we could afford to get otherwise and none of them mind we haven’t purchased many, they’re normally really pleased with what they get, this year I’m really hoping that I’ve pulled off another round of good gifts, I’ve checked everything through and I still need 2 more but luckily if nothing springs to mind (or arrives) both will be happy with vouchers to use as they please! 😀

So, I was going to do a competition for when I hit 50k tweets, then twitter went nuts and I lost 48,000 of them so I thought I’d do a Christmas competition instead! I finally got a few things sorted out for a prize and my tweets returned so I decided to make this a joint competition. It’s the Kimswins Christmas 2010 competition in celebration of my 50,000 tweets!lol Since it’s such a big event for me, I decided to make it a big prize, well, bigger than I’ve done before anyway, from what I can figure out these products RRP combine to around £80 so I hope the lucky winner enjoys them or has someone who will enjoy them anyway! Also, not all of them are my wins, the necklace I traded with a friend for as I thought it would be a lovely gift for my tweets comp when I first saw it and the rescue remedy kit I added as I found the one I received so useful! so on with the prizes (listed under the picture!)

1. Sally Hansen Insta-Grip

2. Nails Inc Polishes in Cocoa Bliss, Vanilla Bliss and South Molton Street

3. Bach Emotional Eating kit

4. Dove Fabulous Heels Gel Cushions

5. Bach Nights kit (2 sachets of rescue cream, rescue night and a sleep mask)

6. Collection 2000 eye palettes in Angelic and Pop-tastic!

7. Winging my way back to you Necklace from Eclectic Eccentricity

To enter, just leave me a comment below, one entry each please but this is open to anyone in the UK. At 5pm on Thursday 9th December 2010 I will use a random number generator to pick a winner and will contact that person directly. If I do not hear back from them within 24 hours I will select another winner via the same method and they again will have 24 hours to claim the prize, this will continue until either the prize is claimed or I run out of entrants! The winner will be announced on this site after I have contacted them and received an address to send the prizes out to. The prizes will be sent via royal mail within a week of receipt of the winners address.

Quickie Giveaway (winner announced)

I’m having an amazing week this week, I’ve won something each day which I haven’t done for a long time so I’ve decided to give something back in thanks.

I’m going to give away one of the prizes I have won this week. To win all you have to do is to make a comment on my journal (not this blog) by Sunday evening. The comment has to relate to the post its on and has to be more than just “hello”

I’ve got 10 posts on there right now and am adding more all the time, well, as often as I can anyway so hopefully anyone who wants to enter can find something to say.

I’ll draw the winner by using a random generator, you can enter more than once by commenting on more posts but only one comment per post per person will be counted

I think thats everything, I’ll let the winner know on monday and they’ll get their surprise prize next week 😀

Thank you to everyone who took part, the winner has now been announced here 🙂

Letter to Santa – WINNER!

Thank you to everyone who entered this little giveaway of mine, it’s nice to see so many of you wanting this and so on with the draw……

1. Michelle

2. Kate

3. myeeyeehere

4. Fiona

5. Jo

6. Ashleigh

7. Katherine

8. Alison

9. Natasha

10. Solange

11. Victoria

12. Hayley

13. David

14. Cathy

15. Hanna

16. Nicola

So, Congratulations Jo, I’ll be in touch soon to get your details and send this off to you 😀

Letter to Santa Giveaway

I received this card a few years ago but having no children ourselves I’d always intended on giving this away but obviously not got round to it yet, yes, my memory is goldfish-like!lol

If anyone would like it, I know Christmas is a way off and some of you really dont want to think about it yet but someone might! Just leave me a comment on this post, if only 1 person wants it, it’s yours, if more than 1 do, I’ll do a random draw as I have with the other Giveaways I have done. Anyway, here’s what the card looks like:

I’ll check back at the end of the month (31/08/10) and see if anyone wants it as that gives everyone a chance to see this post with all the holidays people are having at the moment 🙂

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