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Deliveries 23rd May 2014

23-05-2014I won this gorgeous ruby and diamond pendant from B Jeweled on Twitter 😀

Deliveries 26th July 2013


These are the goodies that I won from Minerva Collection’s weekly rafflecopter giveaway via their Facebook page. As you can see I received an animal print shopper (as I said yesterday these bags always come in handy and I really like this one!) a green shamballa-style bracelet (a bit brighter than I normally wear but I think this would be great to jazz up a few of my staples so that’s good too!) both of which I claimed for myself as soon as I saw them.

I also received a feather necklace (this is rather long and really not my style BUT I do know where it will find a home with someone who will get enjoyment out of it so all is well with this too!) and finally a pair of feathery earrings, at first I was going to give these away along with the necklace but the more I look at them the more I like them so I’m keeping them for me too 😛 lol) So a really great selection from their range really and I’m very happy with my prize, if you want to check out their website it’s here and you’ll find some very reasonably priced bags and pieces of jewellery on there 🙂

Deliveries 28th june 2013


The Gingham Table Cloth I won from Le Rustique de Printemps

The earrings I redeemed some of my points for on Shopcade

The Boss Jour sample has come from Boots

The £5 Capital Bond voucher has come from testing a product out

A new start

For a while now I’ve been thinking about just having one blog again, with the reduction in post I’ve been getting and being ill for so long, I think now is the time to use this blog for more than a few pictures here and there again. I’ll keep the link to Munchy’s Place over there >>> as it still gets quite regular hits on the reviews and I really don’t want the hassle of trying to move those posts over here!lol

Anyway, a quick update, after being ill with my gallbladder for most of this year, I’m really pleased to finally have it all behind me, as of the 7th June I’m free of everything that was causing me pain so now I can get back on with the rest of my life YAY 😀

On Monday 10th June I started back on the Slimfast 3-2-1 diet, it’s going really well so far and I’m exercising as much as I can, slowly building myself up to where I was. I still have a vast amount of weight to lose but to me being fit is much more important. I really don’t mind being a bit cuddly and TBH I really don’t want to be that skinny but I do want to be fit and healthy while happy with my body image. Since the last update on the other blog (over a year ago I know!lol) I’ve not lost any weight, I’ve put a couple of pounds on BUT I haven’t put on any inches, infact I’ve lost some! A good example of this is my engagement ring, when Dave first got me one, it was too small (size S), we had to look online and find a different one in a size U which is the one those of you who know me have seen!

Well, do you remember this ring when it arrived and me saying it would be the replacement when it fitted me (it’s a size N) so, have a look here:


To say I’m happy would be a huge understatement, I adore this ring, the odd colours in it are just perfect!

I still have a lot to look forward to for the rest of the year, a beauty party next month thanks to Philips and Come Round (more to come on this later) a few family celebrations, house hunting (YAY fun!lol) & moving (Booo! not so much fun!lol) and then my favourite time of year, the silly season (see I didn’t use the ‘C’ word!) and I’m sure there is much more to come as well. I’ll do my best to keep this updated now, it might be as a post on it’s own or a bit on the end of a deliveries one (if many more come!lol) but at least I’ve made my life a bit easier by combining my blogs again 😀

Deliveries 15th April 2013


The ‘Puss’ Cuddly toy I won from Smart Shoppers UK Facebook page and this knocked another thing off my 13 Wishes for 2013 challenge

The Mint charm bracelet I won from an Easter Competition run by 21Diamonds

The body smoothie I’ve been sent to test out via the Montagne Jeunesse Facebook page

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