Monthly Archives: April, 2013

Deliveries 22nd April 2013


I won this luxurious volume set from the competition currently running on the John Frieda UK Facebook page

Deliveries 19th April 2013


The Original Source I won from their Facebook page from voting for the new Seasonal Edition

The Bulmers I won from their Twitter feed and Yep, Dave will happily enjoy this over the weekend!lol

Deliveries 17th April 2013


I’ve received this pen from the Pilot Pen UK Facebook page

Deliveries 16th April 2013


Both of these books have come from the I want a free book, every month group on Facebook, again last month I couldn’t pick and am delighted to have both, now to decide which to start first 😀

Deliveries 15th April 2013


The ‘Puss’ Cuddly toy I won from Smart Shoppers UK Facebook page and this knocked another thing off my 13 Wishes for 2013 challenge

The Mint charm bracelet I won from an Easter Competition run by 21Diamonds

The body smoothie I’ve been sent to test out via the Montagne Jeunesse Facebook page

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