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Deliveries 22nd May 2013


I won this The Great Gatsby Merchandise pack from Empire Cinemas on Twitter 🙂


This is my latest Amazon order. The books both continue sets I’ve been reading a while now and the games are to replace ones I traded in a couple of years ago but really miss playing plus one other that’s been on my wish list for a while.  I got a great price on them all by getting them from Amazon Warehouse all were listed as ‘Used – Like new’ and I have to say they all have their books and work great, boxes are fine too. The only thing missing is the card to get the Nintendo club points but considering each game was half price of less, I’m not that fussed!lol

Deliveries 7th August 2012

I had a lovely surprise on Wednesday, I followed Universal Pictures UK on Twitter and then received a message saying I was their 5000th follower and they wanted to send me some prizes! I didn’t know they were doing anything like this so I really was shocked!lol Anyway this has all arrived this morning, isn’t that great!

I received these Squares from the Rice Krispies Squares Facebook page

Deliveries 11th November 2011

This mug is to replace the one that arrived after an accident, the very lovely people at IWOOT on Twitter replaced it for me

The other thing is a sachet of face mask from the lovely Montagne Jeunesse for me to try out and let them know what I think

This is another of Dave’s prizes, isn’t he starting to do well now 🙂

Deliveries 30th September 2011

Ohhhhh so thats another month gone, only 3 more left this year now 🙂

These goodies have come from the Zoflora Facebook page as I was a runner up in a recent competition

This is the Planet of the Apes goody bag that I won from Showcase Cinemas Facebook page, it’s got to be one of the best goody bags from a film I’ve received so far, now I just need to win a blackberry to go in that case!lol

Deliveries 21st September 2011

This is the Atlas that I won from Times Atlas on Twitter last Friday. It’s beautiful inside but you just cant get a grip of the size of this from the photo, the bookmark alone is about the size of 2 hardback books laid out one above the other 🙂

These are the ‘Friends with Benefits’ goodies that Dave won from the Cineworld Facebook page 🙂

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