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Deliveries 24th December 2014

First up, Merry Christmas to you all, I hope tomorrow is a lovely magical stress free day for everyone 🙂

24-12-2014I had a lovely surprise in the post today, as it says with it, these beautiful scissors have come from Cross Stitch Collection, it’s so good to have a nice sharp new pair again 😀

Deliveries 21st November 2014

21-11-2014I had an email yesterday telling me I’d won this GROHE Power&Soul travel Shower Kit from House Beautiful, isn’t that a great delivery time!

I’m not sure where the chocolates have come from but it’s a nice surprise after this week 😀

Deliveries 12th November 2014

12-11-2014Just had a really lovely surprise delivery as you can see above. I have no idea where it’s all come from but I’m going to have fun trying it all 😀

Deliveries 30th October 2014

30-10-2014I had a lovely surprise arrive today, the ‘One For All’ gadgets arrived and I have no idea where they have come from so, thanks to everyone who ran a competition for these and didn’t tell their winners who they were! 😀

The Vichy serum and eye cream have come from the daily competition here where they are also giving away free samples

The voucher has come from the Birds Eye Facebook page steamfresh competition, there are lots of vouchers to be won there too!

Deliveries 8th October 2014

08-10-2014Another surprise today, yep another moo-sical cow from Asda. I’ve really enjoyed having the first one in the fridge, it really makes me smile each time it goes off so I’m going to have to find a good home for this cow now 😀

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