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Deliveries 16th January 2013


Last month I had an amazing win and this is part of it, there are 3 more items to come which should be here this week but this is the Brave 3D Blu-ray and merchandise pack which was all part of it.

Deliveries 7th August 2012

I had a lovely surprise on Wednesday, I followed Universal Pictures UK on Twitter and then received a message saying I was their 5000th follower and they wanted to send me some prizes! I didn’t know they were doing anything like this so I really was shocked!lol Anyway this has all arrived this morning, isn’t that great!

I received these Squares from the Rice Krispies Squares Facebook page

Deliveries June 7th 2012

The Beauty goodies I won from the UNE beauty Facebook page

The Sharpie goodies I won from PickMeUp

The Blu-ray I won from Chris & Phil Present

Deliveries 10th February 2012

The tea I won from Twinings Tea UK’s Facebook page

The makeup comprises the last of the prizes I won from the kisses competition Collection 2000 ran on their Facebook page at the end of last year

Dave also got the last of his Amazon stuff, that’s in the box under all this which I don’t think you can see through the packaging the make up came in!lol

Deliveries 8th February 2012

And now my 3 month subscription win has entered it’s 4th month, I’ve emailed them to find out if something is wrong with it now, but it still saves me from having to buy it again this week!lol

The white envelopes are part of Dave’s latest Amazon order, he’s finally finished using all the vouchers he got for his Birthday and Christmas 🙂

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