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Deliveries 31st March 2011

WOW that’s 1/4 of the year gone already …….. where’d it go?? Anyway over to todays post…

The two books have come from @Octopus_Books and @CookAWW over on twitter and after trying a couple of the recipes out I’ll be reviewing them, they do look good though from the peek I’ve had already!

The Blu-ray comes from @Shortlist so everything today has come thanks to Twitter 😀

Deliveries 29th March 2011

Ohhh it’s been a few days since I posted on here hasn’t it!lol Well, the postman just delivered this little lot:

The little blue and red tins are from SteamCream the blue is called Earth and the red is Wraparound, I was lucky enough to win these in a competition on their Facebook page and it’s something I’ve been wanting to try for a while so look out for a review of those!

although you cant see it very well the necklace is the Queen of Hearts playing card pendant I won from Urban Male Mens Jewellery, also on Facebook, and that’s something for Dave for when he goes away in 10 days-ish!

All of the other items have been sent to me by a friend, Ali. Most were a complete surprise, I was expecting the coffee and the perfume sample but not the rest and it really has put a silly grin on my face this afternoon. Most of us are having a rough few weeks wins-wise and I admit today it’s getting to me (having a bit of a cold/flu-type thing as well doesn’t help either) and so this really has meant a lot to me. Thank you xx

Deliveries 25th march 2011

I love getting new books but I’ve received something to really treasure in the post today, not just a free book but …

A free book by my favourite author! I’ve loved Nora Roberts books for over 10 years now, ever since I first read ‘Rivers End’ which is an amazing book. I went on to read many more of her works and found delight in them all. I eventually got online and discovered the JD Robb ‘in Death’ books and found a whole new collection of works for me to delve into and I heartily recommend each and every one of them!

I’m not sure who the other envelope is from, it says do not open till sunday on it and I’ve decided to be good!lol

Deliveries 24th March 2011

Todays deliveries have come in two parts, the first is mine and came via the postie

As soon as I opened the Hairy Bikers book I had to start leafing through it, I love their TV shows and this book was one win I was really really excited about, I just cant wait to dive in and start trying some of the recipies out!

The Dettol wipes came from their page on Facebook so I’m sure some of my friends will be getting them through their letterboxes as well!

And now to Daves delivery (yes, finally one he let me open!lol)

He won a pair of DM’s from the Vitaminwater UK page over on Facebook which was from a LFW competition, I really wanted some of the shoes myself as they are amazing but as Dave won, he gets the shoes!lol I am enjoying the smell of them today anyway …… before he gets his feet in them 😉

Deliveries 23rd March 2011

Just as I was starting to think this was going to be a no post day, the postman arrived bearing goodies, unfortunately the 2 most interesting looking ones I’m not allowed near till Sunday!lol

Anyway, this is my post, the book has come with thanks to @ninadouglas and the jewellery set has come from Facebook, I entered a Pass the parcel comp on Friday and was picked as one of the winners, the jewellery set was donated by Red Devil Crafts 🙂

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