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Deliveries 29th August 2013


The game I purchased to treat myself, I have a feeling over the next few months I may have some internet-less times so I’ll need a few things to keep me occupied once the packing/unpacking is done (or for when I’ve had enough of it!lol)

The books I have absolutely no idea where they have come from, they both sound good so I’m really pleased to have them but I would love to know who sent them so I could thank them 🙂

Deliveries 12th October 2011

This cute sample has come from the Good Things Skincare Facebook page

I also got a new memory card for my DS but forgot to put it in the pic but I think we all know what they look like anyway 🙂

Deliveries 8th October 2011

I’ve received some very yummy looking snacks to review today (yes, the ones I had the survey for yesterday!lol)

The Books and the 3DS case are the rest of our latest Amazon order, it finally arrived today after the delivery person got lost finding us yesterday! :-S

The DVD, I’m not sure about right now, I was told this week I’d won this film on Blu-ray ….. maybe someone sent the wrong version or I’ve won it on DVD as well from somewhere else!lol

Deliveries 28th July 2011

Shhhhhhh! Dont tell Cathy!lol

The case of wine and DVD have come from the Summer of Sponteneity promotion on the Echo Falls Facebook page

The Teapot and sweeteners have come from the Tea party planner promotion on the Splenda UK Facebook page

The DVD’s (Episodes 1 & 2 from season 1 of Family guy, 24 and Prison Break) have come from Pringles Facebook page

The gloves have come from my submitting a review on the Bizzybee website

The Book and Salcura have come from Amazon, I wanted the book so I can finally read the end of that series and the Salcura I purchased because the samples I received from them worked so well on my eczema 🙂

Deliveries 22nd June 2011

These cleaning products have come from Good Housekeeping who ran a competition on Twitter to win an Eco2Life hamper 🙂

The Amazon box underneath is part of our recent order ….. I decided to let Dave open it since I know whats in it (the second part of the Black/White pokedex and guide and a finances book of some sort!lol)

The white envelope is the rest of the Amazon order, this should be Paul on Blu-ray (watch me win this now we’ve gone and bought it!pmsl)

The Cheese came from Colliers for entering their Mystery Miner competition

The facemask has come from the Glamour competition last month 🙂

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