Bye bye

Back when I started this blog life was a lot different to how it is today. As a group of comping friends, we used to encourage each other and have a good giggle but life got in the way for many of us and things changed, as they usually do. Now there’s a lot of jealousy involved, not only about prizes won but even at having time to be able to enter them so sadly I’ve decided to end this blog here.

I’ve enjoyed sharing the things I’ve won with you all, even sharing the prizes with some of you and passing on where to get some when competitions are ongoing. I wish you all a lot of luck and most importantly, happiness, I know I will be happier now 😀

Deliveries 16th March 2015

I know it’s been a while since I last posted on here but recently the only deliveries I have received are trial products which I cant put on here, hopefully things will perk up a bit soon 🙂


So this was the grand prize in a competition Drinks Order ran last month, there were also daily prizes of bottles of Champagne which I noticed a few friends won. In my hamper there are bottles of Cognac, Whiskey, Tequila, Rum, Vodka, Gin and Baileys!

Deliveries 18th February 2015

18-02-2015I won this lovely water bottle from Mullerlight Mondays, you just sign up for the weekly email and hope that one week you’ll be a lucky winner 😀

Deliveries 13th February 2015

13-02-2015The iron I have received via the Philips home living Facebook page and will be trying it out and reviewing it over the next few weeks

The dealing with the tricky stuff book I received from Closer magazine

The If I should die book I received via Goodreads firstreads program

Deliveries 12th February 2015

12-02-2015I won these gorgeous bags from Social Discount Network’s Facebook page 😀

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