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Deliveries 30th Novemeber 2011

The hair products I won from the L’Oreal Professionnel Blog

The book came from A&CKidsUK from their Twitter feed

Deliveries 29th November 2011

The white package at the back and the 2 Kipling purses are the last bits of my Amazon Black Friday splurge, the package at the back is another bit of Dave’s Birthday gift!

The Anchor Tea Towel has come from their Daily competition and is a bit of a surprise as I was sure we’d had them all through now, Oh well, Tea Towels are always handy!

The Brut giftset has come from Beauty Bombshells Facebook page

Deliveries 28th November 2011

This is the first part of my Amazon order, sorry I cant show you as it’s for Dave for Christmas!

The calendar has come from the Pogo daily competition

Deliveries 26th November 2011

This was actually delivered late last night (still no sign of my Amazon order tho, it’s been out for delivery since 9am yesterday!lol) and it’s my kit from Savvycircle for the current Pantene promotion. I have lots of samples and vouchers to give out to my friends and family here too which is always lovely!

The Straight and Smooth I won from the Charles Worthington Facebook page

The earrings I won from the Tryed & tested blog‘s Facebook page

The tube of Hugs (white chocolate and cranberry cookies from John Lewis) came as a lovely surprise today, I won them from the Eat in Facebook page

And finally, all those Palmers goodies were won from a competition run by Superdrug 🙂

Deliveries 25th November 2011

Ohhhh only a month till Christmas!

The Hexbug has come from their Twitter feed and the tin is (obviously) from the Anchor competition, I think thats all the wins from that now 🙂

I’m still waiting for a delivery from Yodel but it’s part of Dave’s Christmas gifts that I’ve ordered from Amazon so I wouldn’t show you much other than the box anyway ….. just hope it turns up soon 🙂

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