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Deliveries 11th April 2014

11-04-2014I won this fantastic prize via a competition that ran on the ToysRUs Facebook page a couple of weeks ago. Really looking forward to trying these games out later on 😀

Deliveries 22nd May 2013


I won this The Great Gatsby Merchandise pack from Empire Cinemas on Twitter 🙂


This is my latest Amazon order. The books both continue sets I’ve been reading a while now and the games are to replace ones I traded in a couple of years ago but really miss playing plus one other that’s been on my wish list for a while.  I got a great price on them all by getting them from Amazon Warehouse all were listed as ‘Used – Like new’ and I have to say they all have their books and work great, boxes are fine too. The only thing missing is the card to get the Nintendo club points but considering each game was half price of less, I’m not that fussed!lol

Deliveries 30th March 2013


The 4 vintage style games I won from Bubbledrum over on Twitter 🙂

The Love2shop voucher I won from Sachets r us’s Facebook giveaway last week

Deliveries 12th October 2012

What a lovely surprise to turn up today! I’m a runner up in the MMWOAH competition that GamesMaster ran last month. My prizes are this lovely Mouse mat and a code to download the deluxe digital copy of Guild Wars 2 …. so now I know what we’ll be doing this weekend!

Deliveries 30th August 2012

To start with this was delivered yesterday, well, nearly, I had a card through the door so collected it today

I won a voucher from Cawston press and chose a set of Boules

I won this very yummy looking bar of chocolate from Cadbury Dairy Milk over on Twitter 😀

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