I’m a 30-something who decided not to have kids, mostly due to not being able to have any but I’m OK with that now and have other people’s to treat instead 😀

I grew up in Essex and have moved around a bit since then, I live with an amazing guy called Dave who most of you know a little about due to me talking about him!lol No pets right now due to living in a rented house but when we buy we’re getting cats, I have an ambition to become a cat lady (yes, I am slightly mad but that’s not such a bad thing really is it?lol)

My Main hobby is comping and I spend a lot of my time finding and entering. Other than that, I love to read, play games (PC/DS/3DS/Wii/PS3/Xbox360) and to cook! I love watching most types of films although nasty horrors tend to get me hiding either behind Dave or a cushion!lol

I have a vast collection of handbags as I adore them, they come in so many different shapes, sizes and colours that a few just isn’t enough! I’ve recently started expanding my shoe collection (you may have noticed from the things I’ve had delivered!lol) as I’ve found I just love boots since I won those UGGs and getting a few more pairs never really hurts does it! I think most of you know my other weakness, I am a perfume collector, I love the bottles and I have around 25 bottles that I use on rotation depending on what I am doing and the time of day, I know this is a lot but perfume is a great way to lift your mood on a bad day and keep you smiling even longer on a good one 😀

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