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Deliveries 31st October 2011

And so we come to the end of another month, I think todays post is especially apt with the date today

These LE Halloween bagels have come from the New York Bakery Co’s Facebook page.

Deliveries 28th October 2011

I won this from the Vaseline daily competition on their Facebook page

This gorgeous thing is an After Dinner Cheesecake which I won from The English Cheesecake Company on Twitter, I was going to use it this weekend but things changed and now Dave has decided he wants this as either his Birthday cake or our Christmas cake this year, I can’t say I’m disappointed at either really, apart from how long I’ll have to wait to taste it!lol

Deliveries 27th October 2011

The mascara is the one I won from the Collection 200 Make up Facebook page

The book has come from Goodreads Firstreads program

Deliveries 26th October 2011

The issue of Compers news is a free trial copy which I received through asking for one from their Facebook page

And yet another issue of PMU from the subscription I won earlier this year.

Another item from Anchor, another Tea towel …. still doesn’t look like I’ll get the cake stand now does it!lol

The My Waitrose thing is my new card and vouchers from them, will have to try and squeeze a visit in to them this weekend!

The last item is another trial product, Boots must love me at the moment, that’s 4 I’m doing for them at the moment!lol

Deliveries 25th October 2011

The Debenham’s vouchers have come from Tickbox, I won these in July and it was my second win from them so they are worth persevering with!

The tube is another test product for me to try out 🙂

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