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Deliveries June 30th 2012

So a mystery has turned up in the post today.

This would seem to be from the ASOS competition that everyone received their prizes from in February and March from the card with the shampoo but it arrived today. There is a stamp on the envelope saying “Condition 9 Access Mail received out of course 29 JUN 2012 Hemel Hempstead Mail Centre” which I have googled and seems to indicate that City Link (who sent it) gave it to the wrong office, well that’s OK but why has it taken all this time to get to me?? Oh well, at least it’s here now I guess 🙂

Deliveries June 28th 2012

I won this goody bag from the Mother nature Facebook page last month, it was supposed to include a vial of Lacoste ‘Touch of pink’ but it was unavailable so was replaced with the Always Dailies

Deliveries June 27th 2012

I received this book from Simon & Schuster’s Facebook group

Deliveries June 25th 2012

The Belvior cordials I won from the Indigo Furniture Facebook page

The copy of White Horse I won from the Book Chic City site 🙂

The copy of Unravelling I have received from the Unravelling Facebook page to review

Deliveries June 21st 2012

I won this gorgeous coffee maker from the Lavazza daily competition they are holding to promote their affiliation with the Wimbledon tournament. As you can see it came with a selection of pods so we can test them out and find our favourites 😀

Sorry the pic’s not very good but behind the drip bit that dark panel is purple and it’s green on the sides (the Wimbledon colours)

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