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Deliveries 7th August 2014

07-08-2014Most of this is the summer bundle I won from Red Spotted Hanky on Twitter 🙂

The sample of Lenor Un Stoppables I received from SuperSavvyMe, I applied for it before I knew I’d been accepted on to the Savvy Circle project.

The Love2Shop voucher I won from Winneroo 😀

Deliveries 28th March 2014

28-03-2014I won the very cute Hippo & Duck from Furniture Village on Twitter and the Book and Tea Towel were won from Doubleday Books UK also on Twitter 🙂

Deliveries 28th October 2013


I won this cute little guy from Cushelle (obviously!lol) and I’ve introduced him to the ones from previous years already!

Late Night Delivery 5th September 2013

05-09-2013 Late Night

I won this enormous bear from the Subway #WinLikeJanet promotion, you can follow the hints (and try to win one yourself too) on their Twitter feed!

Deliveries 20th August 2013


I’m not totally sure where this little guy has come from as I’ve entered a lot of competitions to win one and there was nothing in the bag with him to help me figure it out but I HAVE A CLUMSY SMURF! YAY

** UPDATE **


These just arrived, aren’t they great! I won them from a competition with Piatkus Entice and now they’ve been carefully wrapped up and put away for ‘new home’ 😀

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