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Deliveries 27th November 2013

27-11-2013The orange Cheeky Shoes I won via a competition of the Tired Mummy of Two blog

The other bits are just some things I ordered from eBay since I keep losing the ones I had already

Deliveries 16th July 2013


My party pack for the #PhilipsBeauty Come Round party I’m hosting in just under 2 weeks has arrived! lots of goodies for me and a few bits for my guests (dont worry, I’ll raid my stash and make up some nice goody bags for the ladies ….. and men too if you really want one!lol) I better get reading these manuals and trying these things out so i can tell you all about it when I see you!

Deliveries 12th July 2013


I had a very strange text message on my house phone today, I couldn’t hear much of it apart from that something was going to be delivered today, using google on the number I figured out it was coming from ASOS. A while later I had another telling me that delivery had been done even though I was out (Ummm, me out? that just doesn’t happen!lol) so I looked outside and a little box had been left in the garden for me and this is what was inside. Its the Stone hair Brooch that I redeemed some points for from Shopcade, isn’t it pretty!


This little pack of goodness is the picnic that I won from Higgidy’s weekly competition! Loads of vouchers to use and a bar of choccy and a fruity snack to be going on with!

Deliveries 16th January 2013


Last month I had an amazing win and this is part of it, there are 3 more items to come which should be here this week but this is the Brave 3D Blu-ray and merchandise pack which was all part of it.

Deliveries 14th November 2012

I won this bagel protector and some vouchers to get some from the lovely Helen over at the FussFreeFlavours blog

I won this bracelet and bag charm from CSM Personalised Gifts over on Facebook. I knew I’d won the bracelet but the bag charm came as a lovely surprise. Both are really lovely, well made and the prices over there are good, maybe take a look for yourself and see if they have those stocking fillers you’ll be needing soon 😀

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