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Another Delivery on 31st May 2013


I won this soup maker from Delia online 😀

Deliveries 31st May 2013


A very lovely friend sent me this lucky coin …. thanks Cathy 😀

Deliveries 30th May 2013


The shoes I received from redeeming a voucher I won from the new Fruit Shoot competition, it runs daily on this website, you just need a code from a pack 🙂

The Kenco Millicano I received from redeeming points I’d been collecting on their My Kenco site and they also sent a sample of it as well 🙂

The Water Speakers I won from the Volvic UK Facebook page when they ran a competition where you had to play a bejewelled like game and 5 from the top 100 each day won a random prize.

Deliveries 29th May 2013


A few weeks ago I entered a competition to suggest a new flavour for fudge to Fudgeridoo via their Facebook page. I looked at some of the other entries hoping for inspiration but noticed most of them they made already so I tried to think up a combination they wouldn’t have done already. I ended up suggesting maple syrup and bacon and they picked that as the winner. I won a box of it for myself and one for a friend as you can see in the photo. I’ve tried a small piece of it and it’s really nice so get along there and buy some for yourself before it all goes (and check out their other fabulous flavours too!

Also, I have decided that this will be my silly win from my 13 Wishes for 2013 challenge

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Deliveries 25th May 2013


The VIVA by Fergie perfume, body spray and body lotion I won from the Oriflame Beauty Facebook page

The cereal I won from the daily competition on the Kellogg’s UK Facebook page

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