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Deliveries 8th September 2011

Deliveries in 3 parts today!

The bag I won from the Boohoo.com Facebook page

The roller set Dave won from the Harris Brushes Facebook page

The T-Shirt I won from playing the Doritos Dip Desperado game on their Facebook page

The cakes have come from the Jamaica Ginger Cake Facebook page

The voucher is for a free packet of crisps from boots 🙂

This is the party pack that I won instead of the Breakfast pack (which would have contained 1 of each pie and 2 cans) from O2, they are giving these away each time England play in the Rugby World Cup (one per O2 customer but with 10,000 breakfast packs and 1,000 party packs being given away for each match the chances of getting something is pretty good!) details here for anyone interested in trying for one for their next match, I believe it opens again after this match has started 🙂

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