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Deliveries 13th to 27th September 2014

I know I’ve been lazy the last few weeks with my deliveries posts but my excuse is that Dave has been off work and we’ve been quite busy so I’ve just not had time. Anyway, here are the things which have arrived in that time and everything will get back to normal again now 🙂

27a-09-2014The Oxo Good Grips trivet set I won from Liz Loves blog which is a great blog I have been following for years now, she’s running a few competitions at the moment to celebrate her blog’s 5th birthday. I wonder if any of you will spot (and enter) the one which currently has more prizes than entrants!

The cute Furby I won from the competition on the Argos Facebook page when they were giving away 3000 of them!

27b-09-2014The fish fingers wax and Yardley samples I received via promotions from SoPost

The Vichy samples I received via their giveaway and competition to win full-sized samples here

I’m not sure where the Garnier sample has come from but it sounds good so I shall be trying that soon

The models Own goodies I won from the promotion on the Echo Falls Facebook page

The ‘How to photograph your horse’ box I received through winning a competition on one of the Click-to-win sites

27c-09-2014The Bahlsen Pick Up biscuits I received from their Twitter account

The Thornton’s cake mix was sent to me to try via their Facebook page, I duly made it up, decorated it and sent in my picture of it to enter the Thornton’s bake-off competition 🙂

The Avery samples have come via a link in an email from them

27d-09-2014Foretold and Bones never lie I purchased from Amazon as I really needed to read both of these to continue with series that I have been reading for a while now.

Land, Never say goodbye, The twilight hour and Sheila were all won through Goodreads Firstreads promotions

27e-09-2014I swapped some of my Yeokens for this lovely shopping bag and very handy shopping token

27f-09-2014The Aveeno I received via a sample offer on their Facebook page

The Angel delight I won via their Facebook page

I’m not 100% sure where the Nivea pot has come from but it’s always useful to have some of this in my bag so it’s very appreciated!

Deliveries 17th May 2014

17-05-2014The Piledriver T-shirt I won from the competition running on the Wychwood Brewery website

The tin of sweets I redeemed some of my Yeokens for on their website

The paper top right (steak pictures) has come from The Orchard at Tesco and has some vouchers for me to try their range of steaks and pass on to friends

The paper top left (under the sweets) came as a really nice surprise this afternoon, it’s a cheque from Inside Soap magazine for £150! 😀

Deliveries 18th March 2014

18-03-2014I received this rather lovely looking cookbook through trading in some of my Yeokens on the Yeo Valley website 😀

Deliveries 25th July 2013


I won this Tangle Teezer from their Twitter feed for saying what I would like the new prince to be called. I’m sorry but I really think it would have been amazing if they had named him ‘Kong’ and if you don’t know why, just think about when he will be King 😀


I won this cute Glastonbury bag from Yeo Valley’s Twitter feed, that’ll certainly come in handy when we go shopping 😀

Deliveries April 19th 2012

All these yummy goodies have come from the Yeo Valley Fruit machine which can be played each day for some really good prizes which change each fortnight, I won the other prize which you get for matching 2 fruits, a “cool bag brimming with goodies from the valley” and they didn’t exaggerate either did they?lol

The books I won from SciFiNow on Twitter last week

The toothpaste set I won from White Glo also from Twitter 🙂

And yep, another issue of PMU, I wonder if this will ever end?lol

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