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Deliveries 10th December 2013

10-12-2013What a lovely surprise in todays post! For anyone who cant read the picture, I’ve received £100 of Hobbycraft Vouchers from a competition in Woman’s Weekly knitting special 😀

Deliveries 10th June 2013


The St Moriz has come from the Glamour Beauty giveaway last month

The Big Shot machine and 4 packs of dies has come as a very lovely surprise to me today, I didn’t know I’d won it but had been entering every competition I could find for one. From the information that came with it, I’m guessing that it’s from Women’s Weekly, they’re getting into a habit of sending me prizes without WEMs!lol

Deliveries 21st November 2012

The two brown packages at the bottom are part of Dave’s Christmas gifts, yes I’ve started this early …. Amazon Black Friday is on & I’m having fun!lol The white pack contains some wipes that I’m testing out.

The Maoam Stripes I won from the MegaVend on their Facebook page, so sad that’s finished now 😦

The Apron I won from the Woman’s Weekly daily competitions.

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