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Deliveries 14th September 2013


The 2 books have come as a lovely surprise today from the ‘I want a free book, every month’ Facebook group

I won the razor from the Wilkinson Sword Men UK Facebook page

Deliveries 13th August 2013


The POM Wonderful cocktail kit I won from the daily competition they did a while ago

The book I won from the Most Wanted Facebook page


The Razor I won from the May Glamour daily competition

The other items here Dave won from McDonalds and we both have a very good home in mind for them 🙂

I also received a test product (not pictured) which will be interesting!lol

Deliveries June 1st 2012

This gorgeous ring I won from the Rocks&Co fortnightly quiz. I love it and it’s solved a problem for us, with the weight I’ve lost my engagement ring doesn’t fit now so we’ve been talking about getting me another, this nearly fits me now and I love it so once my weight is where I’m happy, I’ll have it sized and it’s my new engagement ring YAY dont you just love competitions ….. wonder if I can win the wedding too!pmsl

A nice freebie, these always come in handy 😀

Deliveries 19th October 2011

The cat food sachet’s and vouchers have come from BzzAgent as they are the next campaign that I am involved in

The Xbox controller cover has come from Kick Energy’s Facebook page

The magazine is the next one from the 3 month subscription I won

The razors have come from the Wilkinson Sword Men UK Facebook page, one for me, one for Dave 🙂

The book has come from Transworld books Facebook page

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