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Deliveries 18th June 2013 & Week 1 weigh-in


I received this book through redeeming points with Shopcade again YAY!

After my first week back on Slimfast I’m really happy to report that I’ve lost 2.5lbs and I feel like I have so much energy at the moment. I’m finding the diet fairly easy to stick to by being a bit creative with our meals and Dave has lost weight as well which is great, hopefully week 2 will go as smoothly (I already know week 3 wont as we have a meal out but I will try to behave!lol) One thing I have found which has helped me a lot is drinking more water. When I’ve felt hungry I’ve had a drink instead of going snacking and it’s really made it easier to stick to a reduced calorie diet as it’s filling and has no calories in it, I think I’m finally getting up to 8 glasses a day by doing this so hopefully that will help me to be healthier in other ways too 🙂

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