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Deliveries 7th July 2012

I’ve no idea where the book has come from, I received a WEM for it the other day from the publishers but I just can’t find a competition for it, Oh well, I really enjoyed her Immortals series so I would have purchased it so this saves me from buying one book, I’m certain I can find more I want now anyway!lol

The rest of the items here I was sent by the lovely people behind the Kleenex UK Twitter profile to help with my hay fever. I already use the balsam (it’s great when you have a cold as well!) and the other bits will all come in handy as well 🙂

Deliveries May 23rd 2012

This gorgeous ‘Hamper’ I won from Smart gift solutions Online over on Pinterest, it’s the first time I’ve won from there and seemed straightforward enough so maybe I should start investigating more on there!lol

The coconut M&S’s and 2 Jelly Belly beans I won from the Free Postcode lottery for being in the top 100 on their bonus leaderboard!

Deliveries 10th February 2012

The tea I won from Twinings Tea UK’s Facebook page

The makeup comprises the last of the prizes I won from the kisses competition Collection 2000 ran on their Facebook page at the end of last year

Dave also got the last of his Amazon stuff, that’s in the box under all this which I don’t think you can see through the packaging the make up came in!lol

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