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Deliveries 7th November 2012

The headphones and giant stripes have come again from the Maoam megavend on their Facebook page

The DKNY I won from a competition they ran on their website

Deliveries 25th October 2012

I won this gorgeous basket stuffed with Cadbury Crispello from Cadbury UK’s Twitter page

The headphones and pinballs were won from the MAOAM UK facebook page from their MegaVend

The Hamley’s Tinsel Bear I traded some of my Shopcade points in for 😀

I won this retro bag from the MAOAM Facebook page’s MegaVend as well

Deliveries March 24th 2012

The Bottle of Lacoste Love of Pink has come from the Lacoste Pink Facebook page

The pack of skittles I won from their Facebook page

The chocolate plaque I won from Into the Blue Gift Vouchers’ Facebook page

Deliveries 13th January 2012

Eeeeeekkkk it’s FRIDAY THE 13TH :-O

I won a £50 voucher from Spartoo UK on Facebook earlier this week and these are the items I got with it. I know the shoes haven’t come out very well but they are really cute, suede-type material with a patent toe and not too high!lol and obviously me being me I had to get a new bag too and I didn’t have one in this colour……. 😀

Ohhhhh the diet might take a hit this weekend but I will be good and only have a little at a time!lol I received these from Nivea’s Pure and Natural trail and they look sooooo yummy!

Deliveries 4th November 2011 *UPDATED*

The Dolphin Tale 3D glasses Dave won from ODEON Cinemas Facebook page

The Black Diamond Stickies are the next part of my order from that new craft shop, I placed another order yesterday so still more to come from them!lol

The iPod Shuffle has come from the FeelgoodGames Facebook page

The torch and pen/handsanitizer has come from Cineworld on Twitter and makes up the Contagion goodies I won from them


These are the Trick & Treat goodies that I won from the Sweetbird Facebook page this week 😀

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