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Deliveries 7th November 2011

The glue sticks and Glitter glue are the last bit of the testing I was doing for a new crafting website, YAY for free crafting goodies!

The Book I won from Elizabeth Swain’s Twitter feed last week

Deliveries 4th November 2011 *UPDATED*

The Dolphin Tale 3D glasses Dave won from ODEON Cinemas Facebook page

The Black Diamond Stickies are the next part of my order from that new craft shop, I placed another order yesterday so still more to come from them!lol

The iPod Shuffle has come from the FeelgoodGames Facebook page

The torch and pen/handsanitizer has come from Cineworld on Twitter and makes up the Contagion goodies I won from them


These are the Trick & Treat goodies that I won from the Sweetbird Facebook page this week 😀

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