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Deliveries 27th September 2012

Ohhh another 2 t-shirts from the daily Skittles competition on their Facebook page

The mini Bubbly bar of chocolate has come from the Cadbury Dairy Milk Facebook page

Deliveries 5th September 2012

Am I the only one entering the Skittles daily competition on Facebook?lol Today I received 3 water bottles and 4 mugs from them ….. A nice surprise and I think my postie saw the funny side of them sending them all out individually …. think he’ll need a Christmas bonus this year, he’s certainly earned one!lol

The gloves I received from the BizzybeeUK Facebook page for a challenge they ran.

These beautiful earrings I won from the Tresor Paris Facebook page when they were giving out 2500 a few weeks ago, I still can’t believe I got lucky with them at last!lol

Deliveries March 24th 2012

The Bottle of Lacoste Love of Pink has come from the Lacoste Pink Facebook page

The pack of skittles I won from their Facebook page

The chocolate plaque I won from Into the Blue Gift Vouchers’ Facebook page

Deliveries 22nd October 2011

The fish vouchers have come from a friend of mine, thanks Ali! 🙂

The GOW3 book has come from StickTwiddlers on Twitter

The Overnight Sensation Night Cream has come from the Organic Surge Facebook page

The Skittles have (unsurprisingly) come from the Skittles Facebook page

The other 2 items are things I’m going to be testing, both sound interesting and should be fun 😀

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