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Deliveries 12th November 2013


I had a lovely surprise turn up this morning, I’ve no idea which site this has come from as I entered for one of these P&G goody boxes on so many! Anyway, I’m obviously really happy to have received one 😀

Deliveries 13th September 2013


The John Frieda Frizz-Ease smoothing kit I won from a competition they ran last month.

The Downton Abbey box set I won via an email competition with Lil-lets

Deliveries 14th February 2013


I’m not sure if the mini shampoo and conditioner are a win or a freebie but either way they’ll come in handy 😀

The £5 Capital Bonds voucher I received from Givaudan for participating in a product trial 😀

Deliveries June 30th 2012

So a mystery has turned up in the post today.

This would seem to be from the ASOS competition that everyone received their prizes from in February and March from the card with the shampoo but it arrived today. There is a stamp on the envelope saying “Condition 9 Access Mail received out of course 29 JUN 2012 Hemel Hempstead Mail Centre” which I have googled and seems to indicate that City Link (who sent it) gave it to the wrong office, well that’s OK but why has it taken all this time to get to me?? Oh well, at least it’s here now I guess 🙂

Deliveries March 9th 2012

I won this Shampoo from Gielly Green’s Twitter Feed 🙂

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