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Deliveries June 28th 2012

I won this goody bag from the Mother nature Facebook page last month, it was supposed to include a vial of Lacoste ‘Touch of pink’ but it was unavailable so was replaced with the Always Dailies


Deliveries May 8th 2012

I received another issue of PMU today but have made the decision to not have it in any more photo’s, some of the headlines on the seem to be aimed at upsetting/shocking and I’ve decided I really don’t want that on my blog any longer even though I still will enjoy the magazine and competitions!

The Halo samples are my latest campaign kit from BzzAgent, this should be interesting, trying to find a way to talk about this, I guess the charity aspect is a good way to start though, it’s nice to finally see a company give back to its customers.

The perfume I’ve received for participating in a survey site and this one is Infusion d’Iris by Prada. I’m not sure why I received 2 this year, maybe a mix up due to the first one going missing a couple of months ago!

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