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Deliveries 1st December 2014

01-12-2014The Voucher is for a free Dr Oetker pizza Pollo Arrabiata

The book, Coming Home for Christmas, I won from AvonBooksUK on Twitter

The Christmas jumper I won via the Budweiser app

The Kettle and Window vac (and 2 other items which are now wrapped and waiting for Christmas) I purchased via Amazon’s black Friday Sale. I really enjoy this sale each year, I always attack it the same way and have an idea of the things I want to buy, a top price I’m prepared to pay for each of them and a total budget for everything that I want to buy. I did really well this year, I got both these items for less than I was prepared to pay for one of them and I’ve only spent 1/2 of my total budget with only 1 gift left to buy, now I just have to hope everything else I’ve ordered comes in time 😀

Deliveries 23rd August 2012

This Yummy Scrummy Pizza (and yes that is what it’s called) I won from GettingPersonal.co.uk on Facebook. They ran a competition where people were allocated events in the Olympics and if TeamGB won a Gold in your event you won a chocolate pizza. Luckily for me we won a Gold in Canoe sprint YAY!

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