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Deliveries 19th April 2013


The Original Source I won from their Facebook page from voting for the new Seasonal Edition

The Bulmers I won from their Twitter feed and Yep, Dave will happily enjoy this over the weekend!lol

Deliveries 21st February 2013


The box and the lipstick are product trials I’ve received today and the Capital Bonds voucher has come from Givaudan as I have completed 5 studies again.

The heart lollies I received for being in the top 100 on the freepostcodelottery‘s leaderboard

The shower gel I received from purchasing one last week and posting a photo of myself with it on their Facebook page

Deliveries 16th November 2012

What a lovely surprise to receive in the post today, I won a bottle of this a while ago and that did arrive but I’ll never turn away a freebie bottle of Original Source ….. I assume this has something to do with their Facebook page!

Deliveries 22nd & 24th September 2012


I won this very yummy smelling shower gel from the Original Source Facebook page


I won this cute (and very useful) Letts Notelett Diary from the daily competitions run by PickMeUp

Deliveries 17th August 2012

I won this from Original Source on Twitter, I really won the Lavender & Tea Tree one but they sent this instead and I’m totally happy with that as I wanted to get this one but Dave wouldn’t let me …. he was grumbling about the other 25-30 bottles of OS already on my shelves!lol

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