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Deliveries 5th April 2011

So today Dave went to collect the grey card that had arrived yesterday, unlike the red cards we like getting (as long as we were out) grey cards means underpaid postage :-S

So this was my free romance from Mills & Boon

Then the postie brought me this lot!

The first three books are the Vampire Diaries Books I won towards the end of last month from http://www.chicklish.co.uk

The next book is The Executioner by Chris Carter and comes from I WANT A FREE BOOK, EVERY MONTH on Facebook

The white covered book is one I am reviewing for Best magazine

And the rest of the goodies are for my Now 78 party on Saturday, I’m really hoping the weather improves by then or we’ll all just have to either postpone and/or go to the pub instead 🙂

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