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Deliveries 30th August 2011

The nails and nail tabs have come from a competition run on The Style Rawr which can be found here

The Nail polish has come from the competition run by Fabulous earlier this month on Facebook

The Book has come from the Goodreads Firstreads program and if anyone else is a member of the site, please feel free to friend me

The toothpaste is a freebie 🙂

Deliveries 24th August 2011

The lipstick and nail polish have come from Tesco – Your Beauty on Twitter

The Rango DVD has come from Paramount as there was a problem with one of the prizes they sent out earlier in the year and this is a token of good will from them while I (and the other winners) wait for our replacement item to arrive 🙂

Deliveries 23rd August 2011 *UPDATED*

These are the sunglasses that Dave won from Whats on TV

The bulbs have come from a voucher I won on the Lightbulbs First daily competition

The Mavala items have come from their Facebook page


This is the summer essentials goody bag I won from Superdrug earlier this month

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