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Deliveries 16th August 2013


The mug I received by redeeming points via PG Tips cuppa club

The Smurfs DVD came as a nice surprise to me today, I won it from the ongoing Haribo Smurfs competition

The tube is another product trial YAY!

Deliveries 25th June 2013


A bit of a late delivery tonight but a welcome one, I saw this U2 set on offer on The Works website and just had to get it for Dave as he’s a huge fan and has seen them live many times. He’s delighted with it and for the price so am I! It’s made for a nice little gift for no reason for him but if you have a U2 fan you need a gift for, this would be a great purchase!

Deliveries 13th August 2011

The Anchor items have come from their daily promotion and the crisps are for me to try YUM!

Deliveries 3rd August 2011

This is the mug that I won from the TV Times magazine Facebook page last week 🙂

My slightly melting postie just brought me these goodies! The white pots in the bag are some skin care for a trial I’m doing.

The extremely cute mini bottle of tabasco has come from their Facebook page

The Dirt 3 game, Chewits Xtreme and the yellow tape have come from the Chewits Xtreme Facebook page

Deliveries 18th April 2011

Today the postwoman with the van came…

All of these lovely & very yummy goodies have come from Soreen over on Twitter, I’ve never tried the banana bread variety so I’m quite curious about that one!

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