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Deliveries 9th February 2012

The tin of pencils has come from the Derwent monthly competition that they run on their website

The chocolates have come from the MokoChocolates.co.uk Facebook page.

Deliveries 24th January 2012

The long black box contains the sticky toffee chocolates that I won from Moko Chocolates on Twitter yesterday

The Mug I won from the Doreen’s Twitter feed for Anchor Dairy

The Teapot and Sugar bow have come from Magnet Kitchens Facebook page

I also received a product to test which isn’t pictured

Deliveries 15th December 2011

The pink box contains the chocolates that I won from the Belvoir Fruit Farms daily competition

The brown envelope is another gift for Dave, this one I’d forgotten was coming Oops!lol

The Natio gift set is from Tesco magazine’s Twitter competitions

The tape is a freebie from responding to a link in an email from Scotch and being among the first 50 to do so!

Deliveries 21st May 2011

Some nice bits came today

The Lost lines of Britain book and the LWE you can just see poking out in the middle have both come from Yours, the LWE was in regard to the BizzyBee cleaning items I received on the 10th so I’m kind of expecting another one now about this book!lol

The Chocolates have come from PMU and before anyone says they don’t mind taking them off my hands, Dave already has, I think he has plans for them!lol

The USB and wipes have come from Computer Cleaning Month on Facebook and by the looks of it they still have some more to giveaway right now 🙂

Finally the Cricket thing, A few days ago I received an email telling me I hadn’t won tickets for the day I wanted for the England Vs Sri Lanka match in Cardiff from Real Radio but they offered me tickets for an alternative day instead. After talking it over with Dave we decided to accept and he’s going to take a day off so we can go! The best bit of it is, the original tickets I tried to win were category B, the ones they have sent are category A and Dave says are in a very good location, I cant wait! 😀

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