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Deliveries 16th July 2014

16-07-2014aI won this from supersavvyme, sadly there was no choice over the shade they sent and this one is too dark for me, happily though, it will come in handy for someone in the family 😀

And now is about when the postman decided to come back

16-07-2014bThe little vimto squeezy I’m not sure how I received, I remember requesting a sample near the start of this year but I cant remember where that was from now!

The other goodies here are from a competition I won from Trekwear. The cycling jersey has been signed by Oscar Pereiro and there are some cycling shorts, wrist bands and reflective bands too 😀

Deliveries 12th November 2013


I had a lovely surprise turn up this morning, I’ve no idea which site this has come from as I entered for one of these P&G goody boxes on so many! Anyway, I’m obviously really happy to have received one 😀

Deliveries 11th June 2011 *UPDATED*

Dave went to collect the red card that had been left on Thursday and this is what he came back with

This lovely writing set has come from the Pink Heaven shop’s Twitter account 🙂

And now on to what the postie brought today:

The Book Darkhouse has come from Goodreads first reads promotion

The Rapidlash has come from last months Glamour giveaway and has come at a good time as mine is just running out 😀

The Bizzybee elegance gloves have come from their Facebook page

The Bulldog items have come from their Twitter account


The parcel postie just knocked at the door with this game from Primary Times, I know some little girls who will love it 😀

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