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Deliveries 1st August 2012

Where is this year going? It’ll be Christmas soon!

The Samsung Galaxy S III (Pebble Blue version) I have received through being a Samsung Mobiler this year, I’ll be publishing more about this on my other blog over the coming months so keep an eye out over there!

The Manceuticals Maximum Hydration Face Lotion I won from the Manceuticals Facebook page

I also received another issue of PickMeUp

Deliveries May 30th 2012

This is MY lovely new android phone which I won from the Motorola Europe Facebook page earlier this week, I say this one is mine as the last one Dave decided was his so I’m keeping him away from this one 😀

Deliveries March 8th 2012

The tank top Dave won last year from the Diet Coke & Karl Lagerfeld promotion

The Sure men deodorant Dave has received from Bzzagent and he will be testing it out for them

The Sony Xperia S mobile phone I received from Three on Twitter, I won it from their Birthday promotion last friday and it’s a pre-release model so I’m really lucky to have it, all I can say right now is it’s HUGE as I don’t think we’ll be able to do much with it till we get hold of a micro sim for it (I should have read up what type of sim it took and got one already really shouldn’t I?lol)

I also received another issue of Pick Me Up later but forgot to put it in the picture!

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