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Deliveries 12th July 2013


I had a very strange text message on my house phone today, I couldn’t hear much of it apart from that something was going to be delivered today, using google on the number I figured out it was coming from ASOS. A while later I had another telling me that delivery had been done even though I was out (Ummm, me out? that just doesn’t happen!lol) so I looked outside and a little box had been left in the garden for me and this is what was inside. Its the Stone hair Brooch that I redeemed some points for from Shopcade, isn’t it pretty!


This little pack of goodness is the picnic that I won from Higgidy’s weekly competition! Loads of vouchers to use and a bar of choccy and a fruity snack to be going on with!

Deliveries 13th April 2013


The two black boxes are Gucci Guilty Black for him & her which I have received to review from the Debenhams Beauty Club Facebook page as part of their VIP Panel and I also have some samples to share with my friends, good job I’m seeing some of you next weekend, you can have them then!lol

The Pearl Drops Instant Beauty I won from the Clean Campaign Facebook Page

All the chocolate is the Divine Easter Hamper that  won last week

Deliveries 10th Spetember 2011

I received this cute bar of chocolate for liking a picture in the Goodness Direct group on Facebook đŸ™‚

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