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Deliveries 16th November 2013

16-11-2013What a lovely surprise this was in the post, for anyone who can’t read the tiny writing, I received a £200 cheque from Thats Life! from one of the competitions in issue 43 Whoop!

The box under the letter contains another sharing bowl from the McCain’s wedges promotion

Deliveries 5th November 2013


I know! I’m sorry about the picture but it was such a shock to actually receive something to post on here that I was in a rush!lol

Anyway, this is another of the sharing bowls from the McCain Wedges promotion 😀

Deliveries 23rd October 2013


The white box contains another of my sharing bowls from the McCain wedges promotion

The canister is a product for me to trial, the voucher I won from the daily competition on the Zoflora Facebook page and the lashes I won from the Imperial Leather foamburst promotion

Deliveries 9th October 2013


I won this bin and voucher from the daily competition on the Zoflora Facebook page

I also receive another mexican bowl from the offer on the packs of McCain Wedges

Deliveries 27th September 2013


And here we have another ‘mexican’ sharing bowl thanks to McCain’s offer on their Wedges …. 3 more to come (and I have 2 more codes as well …… do I really need all these bowls just because they are free?lol)

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