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Deliveries 22nd May 2013


I won this The Great Gatsby Merchandise pack from Empire Cinemas on Twitter 🙂


This is my latest Amazon order. The books both continue sets I’ve been reading a while now and the games are to replace ones I traded in a couple of years ago but really miss playing plus one other that’s been on my wish list for a while.  I got a great price on them all by getting them from Amazon Warehouse all were listed as ‘Used – Like new’ and I have to say they all have their books and work great, boxes are fine too. The only thing missing is the card to get the Nintendo club points but considering each game was half price of less, I’m not that fussed!lol

Deliveries May 4th 2012

These fab Method goodies I won from their Facebook page, there was supposed to be a daily shower instead of the hand soap but I’m really happy by the substitution 😀

These books are part of my latest Amazon order. They’re just to continue some of the series that I’m reading (and the sheeps there because he seems to like appearing on this blog!lol)

And finally the postman came!lol I’ve no idea where this book has come from but I think I filled in a survey a while ago and the first few to do so were to receive a random book, this might be from that.

I also received an item to test for the Glamour beauty panel but since I cant find it for sale at the moment, I’ve not included it in the photo just incase 🙂

Deliveries 8th October 2011

I’ve received some very yummy looking snacks to review today (yes, the ones I had the survey for yesterday!lol)

The Books and the 3DS case are the rest of our latest Amazon order, it finally arrived today after the delivery person got lost finding us yesterday! :-S

The DVD, I’m not sure about right now, I was told this week I’d won this film on Blu-ray ….. maybe someone sent the wrong version or I’ve won it on DVD as well from somewhere else!lol

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