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Deliveries 7th July 2012

I’ve no idea where the book has come from, I received a WEM for it the other day from the publishers but I just can’t find a competition for it, Oh well, I really enjoyed her Immortals series so I would have purchased it so this saves me from buying one book, I’m certain I can find more I want now anyway!lol

The rest of the items here I was sent by the lovely people behind the Kleenex UK Twitter profile to help with my hay fever. I already use the balsam (it’s great when you have a cold as well!) and the other bits will all come in handy as well 🙂

Deliveries 5th August 2011

Today’s post is Dave’s

He received this lovely package from the wonderful people on Kleenex’s Twitter feed and here’s what was inside it:

What great treats for someone with Hay Fever (and Dave is suffering terribly right now 😦 ) the clear vial is an organic lavender pulse point and I know from my own experience with this it’s great for loads of things, especially headaches!

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