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Deliveries 9th September 2011

The Jergens was from doing a survey for them back in June on their Facebook page. I made a complaint on their website about having not received this yet and received a telephone call apologising and informing me this would be sent out within a week and YAY it has.

The folder contains label samples from Avery

These lovely goodies I’ve received from the Savvy Circle as I’m testing this new foundation. As you can see I have some samples and vouchers to give out …. watch this space 🙂

Deliveries 30th June 2011

So that’s half the years worth of Deliveries posts done now, I wonder what the next half will bring (hopefully my Phantom at some point!lol)

There Corrie goodies have come from the Harvey’s Facebook page

Lots of goodies here today, I’ll start with the Garnier, that has come from last months Glamour daily competition

The Dove has come from their Facebook page

Hit or Missus has come from Goodreads First reads promotion

Love and Freedom and the culture shock chocolate (DEF one for Dave!lol) have come from Choc Lit’s Twitter feed

Finally, all that Jergens has come from London Beauty Queen here and on Twitter here

Deliveries 8th June 2011

This is the case of Boost I won from the Boost Drinks Facebook page

The Watchers has come thanks to Transworld Books Facebook page ‘What shall I read this month…?

The M&S voucher has come from Feelgood Games Faccebook page

The Jergens has come from their Facebook page

The body spry has come from the So…? Facebook page

Am I spending too much time on Facebook do you think?lol

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